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Heal of the Hand

Heal of the Hand is the business name for my Reiki and Pulsing practice delivered from my shop in the Kuranda Original Markets. The market experience of semi public treatment with the sounds and ambience of the markets is quite unique, and no less effective for all of that, underlining the very normal everyday qualities of these practices.

The Markets are also an adventure into the wider community, talking with people from all walks of life, who like myself of 20 years ago, often dont know what Reiki or Pulsing is, or even if its something they want to know about.

Sometimes we just talk, and sometimes they step inside to have an experience of what is on offer.
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Mark Ruge

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I stumbled into the Reiki practice more or less accidentally more than 25 years ago. I was taking a massage class and the instructor would do something he called "Reiki" from time to time. on a cramped muscle or an ache or pain. I had to know what this "Reiki" was.

The massage instructor had a school, and a teacher of this Reiki practice taught classes there. The class was a three hour flight and a four day weekend away from where I lived.

That weekend was a turning point. People asked what I had done, as the experience of the person who returned home was so different from that of the one who went away. Then they waited for the old me to resurface. But it was not to be. Forgiveness can do that. Second degree and masters levels followed.

Very little after that was in my projected personal life plan. The plans went on the rocks, and what was in my life was being a more present father to my then teenage children, partner to my wife, to care for my parents when they were ill, to be with them when they were dying.

In the midst of this I kept at a daily practice, simply living life, living the folk healing art called Reiki as I had learnt it from my teacher. I taught a class from time to time, travelled, experienced Reiki practice and people in different parts of the world.

A life threatening illness and the end of my married relationship marked another major turning point. This was the beginning of a new life in North Queensland, not far from where I was born, and a more hands on public practice in an environment which I love. I feel like I came 'home'.

Which means that I find myself at a time in life where questions about love and life and being human have perspectives based on hard won experience. Everywhere in the world around me I witness the paradox of life, its incredible beauty and richness almost beyond belief, and on the other hand so many human beings are living life with little hope, little joy, and sometimes greatly suffering.

I am unable to change that directly, but there is a place where I am able to have an effect. The place that I can change is in me, and in my response to what I experience in the world, to be here now. That I can do, its what my practice of 20 years has been teaching me, and I believe this is what each one of us is asked to do, to live life as honestly, as fully and as compassionately as we are able.

This is not as difficult as many might think although overnight changes are rare. The Reiki practice is a way that I have used with great success to find my way through the challenges in my own life, and it could help you too.

Please feel free to be in touch to learn how.

Email me via the
contact page with any questions, or phone me 0400 079 846.

I don't bite! :-)