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Healing: Body, Mind and Spirit

Life is an unravelling adventure. As much as we might want to believe we are in control or attempt to be in control of our lives, ultimately our sense of control is an illusion. Most often it is not until our life experience has become a source of discomfort, that we tend to look for answers, to look at the patterns in our lives, to consider what we might choose to do differently. To find an answer to your particular situation, a way forward, the questions that follow may be helpful.
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Is your body not allowing you to do what you used to do, what you might like to do, what you had hoped to be able to do? Paying attention to what my body is telling me, taking better care of myself, being kinder in my treatment of it, has led me to make changes in my lifestyle and thinking. Maybe your body is trying to tell you this same thing?

Are you feeling lost or stuck? Anxiety or depression prevents many people from living a full and satisfying life. Not being able to get beyond an experience of trauma or abuse is a difficult and lonely place, the demons of our minds are fearsome, the sense of overwhelm can be crushing, its easy to feel that totally on your own. How do you find your way out, a way home? It can be done.

Are you living with the experience of a broken heart? Most everyone has lost a dream, or someone who is close to their heart. This is something we all know and experience, it's simply part of life. The letting go, the finding new meaning in our lives, is often where we get stuck. How do you move from this stuck place ...in this crazy-making world? There are ways to heal the hurt.

Maybe for you its none of the above, but you feel like there is an emptiness in your life. You can do "stuff" to cover it up but it's there in the alone moments, when its just you and your thoughts. What if you could put a finger on that missing piece that keeps you from being at peace?

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If you are able to answer "yes, that fits for me" to any of the above situations ...then relax, this is what it is to be human. We get to say yes to at least some of these things at some point in our life, and sometimes what feels like all of them at the same time. It’s OK to bend, even to fold, under life stresses. Always, the human spirit is resilient and healing is possible.

There is always a path through all these situations. Life finds a balance given the chance. In the midst of change and suffering, sometimes all it takes is be acknowledged, to be heard, to be seen, to be valued …to feel safe and accepted just as you are. This is where the hands-on therapies I offer open up possibilities.

If you have never heard of Reiki or Pulsing, both are gentle and nurturing experiences and very safe. The benefits are a less stressful mind space, a more balanced and relaxed approach to life, a source of comfort and relaxation for the body, and peace for the mind.

What could you do here right now to remake your life differently? A session of Reiki or Pulsing may be a doorway to knowing an answer or a direction. There is nothing to lose and possibly much to gain.

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If you are wondering if this is for you, or you simply would like an experience of how this feels, then book a treatment session.

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